Magicians never really make things appear or disappear. The well-practiced trick is so beautifully orchestrated that it is invisible to the audience.

Carefully manicured honest words, like the sleight of hand of a talented magician, can make the reader believe. In anything.

I’m your magician. I carry my deck of cards on the nib of my pen.



A shy book-worm, ardent-poet, idle-doodler, and vigorous-writer since the age of nine, I started my blog in 2008. I moved to professional blogging and content creation in 2012, and learned the ropes of content marketing while working on a range of creative and strategy projects for tech-startups based in India and the US.

My experience has given me the chance to strategise and execute various content projects across industries, for print and digital media. I have created content assets such as blog posts, articles, case studies, white papers, e-books, sales presentations and marketing collateral, technical help content, webinars, lead magnets, demo video and audio scripts, data-driven content, highly-optimized landing pages and website content, email marketing and retention campaign messaging, and have executed multiple promotional social media campaigns across networks.

My content repertoire covers a wide range of subjects such as AI and Machine Learning, Fashion and Luxury Brand Marketing, B2B Marketing Strategy, Psychology and Behaviour, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing. I am well versed with creating highly-discoverable online content for both B2B and B2C industries across a variety of tones, styles, and formats.

I know how to tell a good story. How about I tell yours?




Great content is a good story told well.

Compelling content is made up of a good idea and great execution in equal measure. Every piece of content I create, from case studies and sales presentations to data-driven blog posts and white papers, tell the story of the product, service, or thought they hold at their core.


You engineered your success story. Let me take yours to the world.

Content strategy is about stitching together the how, what, and why of your product and presenting a cohesive story that appeals to the reader. I specialize in understanding the challenges and perspectives of the product and building a strategy that reflects the needs of the business.

Content Marketing

Know the pulse of the people. Inspire them to become your tribe.

Great content successes never started off as content projects. They told a simple story at the right time in a way that inspired people to listen. I craft engaging stories that speak the language of your business in a tone that resonates with your audience.

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